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26 Apr 21 - 17:48

ABRIL 2021.                                                           (FCM)

Porque es importante trabajar con tu perro.


Esto va más allá de solo tener un perro, para lo que te guste hacer o criar bien sea para exposiciones de conformación (Belleza), compañía o protección de la familia y más aun si quieres practicar algún deporte, para los que tenemos perros de trabajo o para los que tenemos perros de exposición, lo más import...

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A man and his legacy

17 Aug 20 - 15:42

A MAN AND HIS LEGACY (published in Our Dogs , UK)


Derived from a previous publication, someone asked who Lt. Colonel Richardson was. 

My quick answer was a man whos preferred breed was the Airedale and understood his nature.

Here is a summary. in the World of Working Airedales and the breed in general, it's simply amazing how much is owed to just one man. 

Lt. Col. Edwin Hautenville Richardson.


Richardson, born at the turn of the 19th century in England, was a noted d...

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What we like and brag of the Airedale and we don’t do any more

29 Jun 20 - 19:33

What we like and brag of the Airedale and we don’t do any more. 

(published in Our Dogs , UK)


This will go after a brief discussion I had with another Airedale fancier about what Airedale today.
So it may be a long one since there are many topics to consider in order of explaining the whole idea.
This conversation began because he/she does not like my sport and hunting trials and say that is barbaric in the IGP and a couple of other sports because they have a part of protection a...
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​Working or Show

22 Feb 20 - 19:49

Working   or  Show

(published in Our Dogs , UK)


So if may have heard about Airedales (and some other breeds) the term Working and Show lines, but what they are or which are the differences?
As for the Airedale there are a few differences in type but not in structure, the Airedales has to be square in proportions same high same length, athletic, happy and full of joy for life and willing to please his master,  there may be or well there are differences, the neck, of a show dog mu...
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How to choose and train an Airedale for IGP

22 Feb 20 - 19:38

 Published in OUR DOGS news paper (UK) 

How to choose and train an Airedale for IGP

Many Airedale owners have seen other Airedales doing some sport like IGP, (formerly known as IPO/Schutzhund the new name stands for *Internationale Gebrauchshunde Prüfungsordnung / International Utility Dogs Regulations), then curiosity begins; some others have read about the versatility of the Airedales and will like to do a sport that involves all the great qualities of the Airedale, this desire to c...
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Origen y Versatilidad del Airedale.

21 Dec 19 - 16:10

Origen y Versatilidad del Airedale. 
Bueno, vamos al principio; Provienen de West Riding of Yorkshire, Inglaterra, un área llamada el Valle de  Aire cerca de Bingley, a veces llamada la cuna de la raza.

Algunos historiadores de la raza dicen que: El Airedale no fue diseñado, se formo; Con las necesidades de los habitantes de la zona,
La historia se abre con la infancia de la raza; "de cómo esos, trabajadores deportistas de Yorkshire, se dispusieron a crear un terrier que sería más vel...
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Origin and Versatility of the Airedale.

13 Dec 19 - 14:21

Origin and Versatility of the Airedale.

(published in Our Dogs , UK)


Well, let's go to the beginning; They come from the West Riding of Yorkshire, England, an Area named the Aire Valley near Bingley, sometimes called the cradle of the breed.  Some historians of the breed say; the Airedale   was not designed, they were  formed,;  with  the needs of the inhabitants of the area,  

The story opens up with the infancy of the breed; "how those sports, Yorkshire working men, set out to...
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12 Dec 19 - 16:21

Todos hemos escuchado o leído acerca de la versatilidad del Airedale, las cosas asombrosas que hicieron en el pasado, el trabajo para la policía, que  aún hacen en algunos países; su rol en la guerra; Perro de servicio que  ayuda a los heridos, el lleva mensajes al frente, ayuda a reparar las líneas de telégrafos llevando y tendiendo el cableado, etc.
Pero, ¿sabemos lo que están hoy día están haciendo estos perros pensantes, valientes, a...
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11 Dec 19 - 14:08


We all have heard or read about the versatility of the Airedale, the amazing things they did in the past, the police work, their role at the war and still do in some countries,  police work; service dog bringing help to the wounded, caring messages to the front, etc.

But do we know what this thinking, fearless, gentle courageous loving dogs are doing today?

Some will say they are family members, show dogs;  but what else do they do?
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Why an Airedale?

21 Nov 19 - 12:43

Many times we who have an Airedale have been asked why an Airedale? 


Never mind if he is your pal or you show him and if you do and sport, whatever it is Obedience;  IGP (IPO),  Search and Rescue, Hunting trials or real hunting, and we could include more activities, then you get more questioned WHY DO YOU HAVE AN AIREDALE?  Especially when there are breeds bred just for that special kind work, and therefore, “supposedly easier to train”. So they say.

We all have...
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