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11 Dec 19 - 14:08


We all have heard or read about the versatility of the Airedale, the amazing things they did in the past, the police work, their role at the war and still do in some countries,  police work; service dog bringing help to the wounded, caring messages to the front, etc.

But do we know what this thinking, fearless, gentle courageous loving dogs are doing today?

Some will say they are family members, show dogs;  but what else do they do?
Well, some are sport dogs and do IGP,  for those who are not familiar with this it used to be call IPO and before that Schutzhund.

It is a triathlon of disciplines, obedience, tracking, and protection. and have three title levels IGP 1, IGP 2, IGP 3.

This activity which they do,  in a very natural way, if they are well trained, will take the best of their natural drives, instincts and develop a very healthy mind, it is false that will become aggressive towards people or dangerous to the family.

In the early times when they were created, they were meant to be hunters( tracking) family members (obedience) and the guard of the house ( protection).

So all of this is very natural for them, besides it creates a great bond, we must remember that an airedale works with you, not for you. so all of this is on their nature.

This sport is more practiced in Europe, in countries like Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Finland in America in the USA and in Mexico there are a few doing IGP.
We all will love to see some doing it in England his country of origin.

A brief explanation of the exercises done on IGP there is three degrees or titles IGP 1 IGP 2 and IGP 3 according to the difficulty and precision of each level.

A)  TRACKING:   They have to follow a previously marked trail which includes the marking of three articles placed along the track which depending on the grade varies from 300 steps up to a 600 with ant it is composed of three and five straight lines and in the two first grades three straight lines with two angles and the third five straight lines and four angles.

 B) OBEDIENCE:  They have to walk with the handler at it left side with attention in a natural way, and at some point do a sit and lay down at the command while walking, at another part, they have to retrieve a dumbbell jumping and obstacle and bring it back to the handler, retrieve a dumbbell climbing an inverted V-shaped wall, at command run straight and lay down at a certain distance.

C) PROTECTION: search in a number of blinds ( hideout tents) find the helper and mark him by barking,  do a bite when commanded and react at the attack of the helper,  at an order stop and release him, then handler and dog do a transport custody to the judge and go for another exercise which consists of a long-distance attack and releases at command.
In all of this, the good and attitude of the performing dog are of big importance, he must do it happy and relaxed not forced without any signs of abuse or extreme pressure.

As told at the beginning this is a brief description of the trial.

All the dogs that do it live with families and have a very stable mind.
they are well exercised both physically and mentally.

Airedales also do other things like search and rescue, they are therapy dogs and some do agility. 


A final comment on my own experience this IGPairedales still the only king that doubles as a baby sitter.
J. Antonio Gomez 

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