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Origin and Versatility of the Airedale.

13 Dec 19 - 14:21

Origin and Versatility of the Airedale.

Well, let's go to the beginning; They come from the West Riding of Yorkshire, England, an Area named the Aire Valley near Bingley, sometimes called the cradle of the breed.  Some historians of the breed say; the Airedale   was not designed, they were  formed,;  with  the needs of the inhabitants of the area,  

The story opens up with the infancy of the breed; "how those sports, Yorkshire working men, set out to fashion a terrier that would be speedier, stronger, bigger and gamer than the good old black and tan terrier of the neighborhood in the riverside ratting contests which furnished one of the favorite amusements. 

The  Yorkshireman of 1850,  loved nothing so much as a hunt after the vermin, with possibly a rat killing contest with a "couple of beers " on a Saturday night; and sometimes, on moonless nights, when gamekeepers were asleep,  return home with something in their pockets that would useful for "the pot.. hares, pheasants, partridges, and grouse were all plentiful in the district, So they not always confine themselves o waterside hunting, Though much big to ground, these dogs would tackle and hold either an Otter or a Badger.

You cannot do these things without a dog that is brainy, game obedient, as much at home in the water as on dry land; so they just naturally set to work to make themselves such a dog.
The chief object to breed a dog that could live in the water and tackle anything from a rat to an otter with unflinching gameness, gentle with the family and a good guardian of the home.

 ""(will not go into details of the breeds used on the conforming of the Airedale, because, It could  be a theme for another article )""

All credit must be given to them for producing in so short a time a dog good to look good and at the same time a good workman. I want us to focus on their abilities that were the reason to end with this magnificent breed. The King of Terriers. These dogs were constants companions of their masters and their intelligence was developed by living with them in their houses where they were treated like family, during the day when men were at work they left the dog at home to protect the wife and family.

So here is the basis of the creation of the breed, good hunting instincts, Trainability for the tasks and duties assigned, and what we need on a multi-task working Dog, Prey Drive,  Intelligence which equals Disposition to learn and work, a clear mind, energy and loyalty to the master, handler or companion as we like to name it.
 "A master of arms once said to a party fencers that it was the romance of the sword that made fencing so fascinating to its devotees", and there is romance in the history of the Airedale that weaves its charm around an Airedale owner. the pleasure of owning a good dog of a good breed.

This versatility, lead some persons to use them for Police and Army work, they did continue been a good family and sport dog,  He has the disposition of a lamb combined with the courage of a lion. He is certainly the most all-around dog that there is and, unlike many Jacks-of-all-trades, he is apparently quite able to master all tasks a dog is called upon to perform.
An Airedale will drive sheep or cattle; he will help drag a sled; he will tend the baby; he will
hunt anything from a bear to a field mouse. And still doing it today, there is a rancher in Montana USA, who’s Airedales are helping him to keep the Grizzlies bears away from his property. 
This is documented in the recent article written by Rosie Contain How These Little Dogs Help Keep Grizzlies On Their Toes.

So Airedales still working as they did and have done since their origin, they are still doing many jobs, as they did in the past. 
Helping people and doing a variety of sports.

Antonio Gomez
Kamby Airedales

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