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What we like and brag of the Airedale and we don’t do any more

29 Jun 20 - 19:33

What we like and brag of the Airedale and we don’t do any more

This will go after a brief discussion I had with another Airedale fancier about what Airedale today.
So it may be a long one since there are many topics to consider in order of explaining the whole idea.
This conversation began because he/she does not like my sport and hunting trials and say that is barbaric in the IGP and a couple of other sports because they have a part of protection and this makes them aggressive towards other persons,  Tracking is of no use and obedience is too long and hunting is not a good activity.
But he/she is very proud of what Airedales can do and they are versatile dogs that were war dogs, helped wounded soldiers, carried messages and all that we know they did as war dogs or sentry in the early 20th century and how they competed in the River Aire to catch river rats.
So my question is if we are so proud of the past of the Airedale why not do it his present again, I do not mean try to convince law enforcement or armed forces to take them into their service again.
But we can do some organised sport or activities that are appropriate for them, they are great family members, that is another of the great qualities of our breed, but also great working dogs;  this is the essence of their origin, intelligent fearless working family dogs.
Therefore, what is wrong if we do a tough sport with them or a sport that requires discipline and concentration or go to hunting contest.
IS IT NOT WHAT WE BRAG, when we talk about the wonders of the Airedale?
 And thanks God our breed has not had drastic variations in structure between working and show lines some differences but nothing that harm the performance of the Airedale,   as some other breeds have,  like in any activity you should select the appropriate individual for a specific activity, what is true is that most owners, what they will like, is to have fun and create a different bond with their dogs, a small percentage will train to compete in the top classes of any sport selected.
What is real is that our noble, intelligent Fearless breed has been condemned to be a lap dog for many a dog that is nice to take for a walk and if he/she is well-groomed something to brag as they are elegant as a King and this is it.
You will excuse me but I cannot conceive that a member of a breed who is or was recognized as a breed with a very strong character and a tough dog, which is not the same as a fighter dog. Get scared and almost faint or have a heart attack loud noises or thunder in rainy days not to mention firecrackers, maybe I am wrong but aren’t we proud of the rescue war dogs? Been sarcastic, does the fire stopped so the dogs could do their work without being afraid.
Talking about me I got involved in sports because I do admire the versatility of my breed I have done showing too I love grooming, but there was a small piece missing. so I start to train with my dogs and that was it I discovered a new relationship with them, my pal became my partner and we both do something that in the beginning is challenging learn to communicate in a different way for me teach him/her and make him understand what I want him/her to do and later do it in the best possible way.
Some will get so involved that will like to take it into the next level and get into competitions, most will do it just for the fun and the pleasure to have an activity that is in the nature of the Airedale WORK and please his/her master.
And then the conversation turned in to the protection sports mainly IGP before called IPO.  this will turn the dog to be aggressive to other persons and may dangerous to kids,  nothing more untruth, in the protection work IF done correctly we use and develop the prey drive and neve take the dog in to a point that he is attacking with fury the helper a dog in that state of mind has no control at all and it is a sport, I have mentioned before and will again.  the top IGP Airedales are family members the Airedale has a good balance of mind and protection is something embedded in their genes
Tracking is natural for them and has a great nose they are hunters, remember that many times after the river competition that is a hunt in itself they went hunting with their masters.
As for obedience, they have to be very sharp in performing the orders so they do well in both competitions and hunting a hunting dog is no good if he does not act immediately at the given command.
That is for IGP they do well in Agility too, the Airedale is an Athlete, and his structure allows them any of the track obstacles, they can turn very fast and are great jumpers and are very fast too.
Also, they perform very well in obedience and versatility competitions whatever the modality is FCI World-Class, Nordic Class or the variety any country has.
So why limit our fabulous bee to be just a pet when they can be a great partner in life.
And continue with the soul of the Airedale a working dog, a family member, the home guardian and most of all the perfect partner for any member of the family regardless of the age.
Here many will have some questions; do all the Airedales perform equally never the less were they come from?  
The answer is no, they have to come from a responsible breeder, that is the main thing you have to look for.
A responsible breeder will take good care of the puppies and provide a safe environment for them to grow will feed them well and take care of their health.
So let's go and do some training with our pals, do go professional or just do it for the joy of it.
Now days take care to do it in a safe way, 
I will like to see more Airedales in different competitions, Grooming and elegance if not fought with fun.
Go ahead look for a club which is the best option or do it yourself learn experiment and have a wonderful time.
With your pal.
J. Antonio Gomez

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