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Why an Airedale?

21 Nov 19 - 12:43

Many times we who have an Airedale have been asked why an Airedale? 


Never mind if he is your pal or you show him and if you do and sport, whatever it is Obedience;  IGP (IPO),  Search and Rescue, Hunting trials or real hunting, and we could include more activities, then you get more questioned WHY DO YOU HAVE AN AIREDALE?  Especially when there are breeds bred just for that special kind work, and therefore, “supposedly easier to train”. So they say.

We all have our answers but I think this, can describe, why we have an airedale

Airedales are fearless protectors of home and family,  the ablest of hunters; in early times, they were the willing assistants to British game poachers, participants in rat-catching competitions, and fuzzy-haired scourges of neighborhood cats. 
Nowadays they are still doing real hunting and also  participating in Hunting trials and competitions, as well as in retrieving competitions, they do Police Work,  Therapy , Rescue (SAR), they do IGP (IPO), specialized tracking and the most important of all they are our Pals, a friend whos is always there, to please you and get a smile from you.

And In the other hand, we have a dog with a sometimes perverse sense of humor that takes to heart its job of seeing that its owner doesn't take himself or herself too seriously.  And in addition and the most handsome of show dogs.
If Airedales were human, they would be physicists, revolutionaries, or cartoonists. They are bright, clever, independent, and not just a little manipulative. Well; The virtues of Airedale are precisely those that contemporary human society lacks: humor, loyalty, intelligence, a dignified reserve and a certain unflattering attitude towards authority.

The Airedale terrier was bred to possess traits that made it valuable to farming and City households: courage, tenacity, intelligence, hunting instinct, natural swimming abilities, and gentleness around families, a sporting dog. As such, the dog was able to satisfy the qualifications of a pointer, spaniel, retriever and a guard all in one. 

Nowadays they go hunting with their masters, from pheasant to bears, they also track Bucks and Deer, this last no for sport but for the real meaning of hunting which is to provide food, so in other words what this Airedale helps to hunt is eaten for their masters. I have asked them why an Airedale and the answer is easy they have a great sense of smell, never get tired and always alert and always a happy companion.  And the same applies to the sports and amusement activities they participate in.
They are therapy dogs, working with children and elderly people making them happy with their good spirit and joy of life, they risk their lives in rescue form High mountain people search, Avalanches, Earth Quake disasters,  finding lost people in heavy woods, forests.  

So,  after all this  why do YOU own an Airedale?

Antonio Gomez
Kamby Airedales

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