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​Working or Show

22 Feb 20 - 19:49

Working   or  Show
So if may have heard about Airedales (and some other breeds) the term Working and Show lines, but what they are or which are the differences?
As for the Airedale there are a few differences in type but not in structure, the Airedales has to be square in proportions same high same length, athletic, happy and full of joy for life and willing to please his master,  there may be or well there are differences, the neck, of a show dog must have an elegant neck and a working dog a stronger neck the same with the backline and tails just to mention the most visible shorter back and higher tail set are more elegant not so useful on work. A show dog has longer furnishings a working has sorter furnishings as they are harder wirier, the Airedale is a working breed since the very beginning, the coat and furnishings very tight and wiry with a very compact and thick undercoat, some of this has varied in modern times.
The other thing is temperament, both lines must have a good temperament, but some differences also apply here, so let us see a show, has to have a very appealing look what is called show flash, good committed breeders do their selection on what their goal is, a show breeder will look first for a good structure and select puppies who has a good show potential and from there continue his breeding plan. He will pay attention to how they grow and drives are not a fundamental factor for a show dog, this does not mean they do not have them. during growth, he will be prepared for the show ring and his coat and furnishings regularly groomed as he will need to have an excellent show coat. he also will have good experiences as he has to grow happy.
A Working breeder will look for good drives, grip, focus on humans, as early as  8 weeks of age a has to be self-secure, during growth experiences to continue developing this drives and early foundation of working exercises are fundamental. One thing that differences Working Airedales from other breeds is that they are family dogs also.
But at the end it resumes to one thing good breeding choosing healthy parents with good structure, a balanced temperament which later will develop in good character, we must remember that temperament is inherited and character is formed by the experiences the puppy will have during growth.
So neither of the lines is better than the other it depends on what we are looking for, it is the truth that a dog that comes from parents and ancestors that have been doing some activity and selective breeding will transmit it to their progeny. After all, is it selective breeding, one breeder will look for dogs with stronger drives and others will look for nice structure.
Another question is can a dog from working lines can perform well in the show ring? or one from Show lines can perform well at sports? , my experience is that they can but some have a better performance than another in their respective venue,  I do not like to compare dogs with humans, but in this case, It can illustrative, a model can do sports but not in the same level as a high-performance athlete, or world-class scientist, their body structure is different, and all are good representatives of humanity. And each can be successful on its own venue. 
So what is important is that your AIREDALE is a dignified example of the breed, a good companion, smart, fearless, and a loving member of the family.
What is undeniable is that the Airedale owners are not participating on sports and have been more a companion, this must change and we all will have to look to do some sport activity with our Airedales they are working dogs, nowadays there are Airedales, hunting, protecting homes, doing something in benefit to humanity as therapy dogs, Search and Rescue, helping Law enforcers.
So in resume, we must remember he is not just a pretty face in the neighbourhood, but a complete dog.
All the early descriptions of the Airedale coincide that he is the guard of the house a terrific hunter, big or small game, fearless, and in this is what we must put special attention no matter which type of breeding he comes or we like an Airedale who is afraid since birth to loud noises, to strangers or new surroundings, has a lack of one of the main characteristics that make the Airedale so special. Fearless.
I am in no special inclination for any of the lines Show or Work and does not Understand the hard critiques or disqualifications some do, about Working if the do  Showing or vice versa, it is the same breed and we have to understand that each of us has different likes,  In my very personal opinion we breeders will have to look for very appealing Airedales that can work and working Airedales with good looks that can do well at a show ring.
There is only one Airedale, no matter what activity he will perform he must remain attached to his origin.
As and end for this, something a friend wrote as as testimony of the versality of the Airedale.
Hello everybody,
I am Birgit from Niedernberg. Since spring 2019, my female Airedale Terrier and I have been working with the (Malteser Therapiebegleithunde Aschaffenburg) Maltese Therapy Dogs Aschaffenburg as a companion dog team.
We visit the hospice in Alzenau and Aska accompanies me to my work, to the “Spätlese” senior citizens' centre in Niedernberg.
Maybe someone thinks now - a terrier as a therapy dog ​​- is that possible? Yes, you can and Aska does an excellent job. She knows exactly when to withdraw and when to let the terrier out. So she lies on the bed with the guests of the hospice, sits patiently in a chair next to it, or lies relaxed on the floor and exudes calm.
In the meeting place, she is a nonsense and a quiet partner - depending on what is required.
Aska loves people, whether young or old and is happy to be petted and treats.
In the side job, Aska also works for the association "Kind und Hund" e. V. in schools and kindergartens. In return, she can be a dog in her spare time.
I find the visits to the hospice very enriching. Sometimes it is very sad, but very often there are also funny moments when we can laugh with the guests. Moments that are very valuable for the guests, but also for me and that I don't want to miss!
A final phrase I liked and describes a true Airedale.
"They walk with you as a king and play with you as a fool”
Antonio Gomez
Kamby Airedales

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